About Bear Den Services of WNY

Quality steel field installations

Bear Den Services of WNY was incorporated in July of 2013. The name comes from a combined portion of both Bear Metal Works and Denler Stainless. This division is the field installation service that Bear Metal Works provides. Whether it is a countertop, handrail or sheet racks, Bear Den Services can provide top of the line equipment, safety and experienced workers to get the job done. Bear Den Services of WNY is run by a team led by Bryan Price (Barrett’s son), who has been with the company for multiple years. Although Bryan and co-workers are full time at Bear Metal, he plans a go-to team for any installation and sets their schedules accordingly. Some examples of Bear Den’s work can be seen in the Mighty Taco kitchen, inside Tappo and Eckl's Restaurant and out front of Oliver’s restaurant.

If you are looking for a professional, safe and quick installation team, look no further than Bear Den Services of WNY at Bear Metal Works. We guarantee nothing but the highest satisfaction.