About Bear Metal Works

Developing a powerhouse in the metals industry right here in Buffalo, ny

Bear Metal Works was incorporated in 1999, when President Barrett E. Price took his 20 years of metalworking experience and opened up his own company. That first year, we did exactly one job, for $500. In 2014, Bear Metal Works eclipsed the $5 million mark, making a bold name for ourselves in the Western New York community. Once people learned what we had to offer; new equipment, faster lead times and lower costs, Bear Metal Works quickly began to grow.     

Today, we offer custom sheet metal fabrication out of a former fruit processing and refrigeration plant. We accomodate a 20,000-square-foot building on Scoville Ave. in Buffalo, where we offer robotic welding, turret punching, laser cutting, saw cutting, mig/tig welding, polishing, forming and rolling. We are proud of our success and accomplishments over the years as we continue to grow and serve WNY and surrounding areas. We are an NSF Certified shop for custom stainless products and Nuclear NQA-1 Certified. 

Here are some of the features that set us apart:

Environmentally friendly- Bear Metal Works is constantly improving our facilities and becoming more energy efficient. All of our lighting in both buildings has been upgraded to LED for brighter workplaces and long-lasting bulb life. We also installed infared heating systems in both plants that help us save money on our gas bill while heating our materials instead of forced air. 

Improving processes- Bear Metal Works was recognized in 2014 as being the 4th fastest growing company in WNY and ranked 7th in 2015, in terms of sales growth in a 3 year period. We were also the first job shop in New York State to install a robotic welder for production, just like the ones you see on car commercials. In 2014, we also installed a new 4kw (6x12 table) sheet metal laser, one of very few in the region with these capabilities. We will continue to update our facilities, equipment, and man power to stay ahead of our competition while gaining new customers.

Polar Bears- As you can tell from our logos, we love polar bears! Bear Metal Works is a big supporter of these animals at the Buffalo Zoo and do our fare share of spreading the word in our newsletters of issues and concerns this species faces.