About Denler Stainless

everything and anything stainless steel

Denler Stainless was incorporated in 2012 by Bear Metal Works to be the commercial stainless steel division of the company. Denler Stainless was re-branded from the well-known name of Denler Sheet Metal, which has been around since WWII. The owner, Chris Beyer, joined Bear Metal Works along with his 4 employees to merge under one building and expand their customer base. Chris and Barrett have worked together for over 20 years and their combined experience, knowledge and expertise are what is making this company thrive year after year.

The Denler Stainless division provides many services such as custom countertops for restaurant and commercial use, along with unique industrial pieces. Denler specializes in medical equipment, nuclear cabinets and custom juice presses due to the high demand for stainless steel in these industries. From swirls to a mirror finish, Denler’s polishing department can provide any type of finish our customers ask for to show off that natural stainless shine.

Take a look at some of our Projects that Denler has recently done and let us quote your next job!